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Back at Babestation!

Hey guys!

So sorry I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been soooo busy!

Just want to let you know that I’m back on Babestation tonight from 9pm-5am  Back where I belong! :)

I can’t wait to get on the bed and get taking those calls!

They’ll be more blogging and some sexy pictures to come soon

Lori X

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Hey everyone!!!!

Not long until I get on my trip to Ibiza with the Elite crew.. can’t wait for that:) We’re going to be doing a lot of photo shoots and having a lot of fun too!

I’ve just been away to Marbella with my friends and had an absolutely fantastic time.. hope you like the tan, this is a picture of me on my hols!

I’m also very proud of my new boobs in this pic.. I am a lucky Lori :)

Back on Elite this weekend guys so give me a call on Saturday or Sunday (preferably both if you have the stamina!)

Check out the content on my website too


Lori xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Spa days and photo shoots!

Hey everyone!!!

I’ve got a quick post for you to update you on what I’ve been up to.  I’ve been a little busy, so blogging hasn’t been my main priority… I shall make it one from now on though! :)

Been on a spa day today.. nice and relaxing and just what I need after working so hard.

I’m also going to Marbella with my friends next week.. so that should be a lot of fun!  Then in the first week of October I’m off with Elite to Ibiza!  Yay :)   more photos and promo stuff to do there.

Check out the site



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Lori Buckby on Ebay?

How u all doing??

That’s right I’ve got some gear on Ebay and you could get it if you’re fast…it’s all stuff i’ve worn on the show like underwear, stockings, socks, boots etc…and it’s all going to you lot.

My seller name is LoriBuckbyOfficial and my first item is a pair of socks…check item number on site is 140594899238 Be quick though cause it’s a Buy it Now listing! :)

All the Elite girls are going to be having a sports party very soon guys where we’ll be playing sports and drinking etc! Could be fun.

Check out the site.

Lori xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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New Hair Day!

Hey Everybody

I’ve been a busy little girl lately.  I have new boobs and now a new hair colour!  What do you think?  I did it yesterday… Also went to see that movie Bridesmaids yesterday, it was very good, if you’re into comedy you should see this movie, I nearly wet myself :)

Back on Elite this week guys.  Tomorrow, Friday and Sunday… so please give me a call.  I’m going out tonight with the lovely Ashley Emma, so that should be fun.  It’ll get me all ready for tomorrow night when I can get horny with all you boys on the phones! :)

Can’t wait to chat soon.  Don’t be shy… and if you are just listen in for a bit.

Check out the website too guys, there’s loads of hot pictures and videos on there.

Chat soon Lori xxxxxxxxxxx

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From b to DD! The boobs have landed!!!

Hey everyone!!

Hope u been having fun?

Its good to be back on the blog telling you whats been happening to me.  Its been a while, but I’ve been quite busy really.  I told you that my boobs were on the way, and they’re finally here!  I look pretty damn good, even if I do say so myself.  I had to stay home and recover from it for 2 weeks though so I was feeling a little rough.  But I’ve gone from a b to a DD!

I’m in Marbella at the moment on holiday with some friends and I’ll be back next week.  The weather is fantastic and we’re all having a great time in the sun.  Back on the show next Thursday guys, so I’m looking forward to all your comments about my new boobs!  Be prepared!

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I’m getting new boobs!!!

Hey everybody!!
How have u been??
Just thought I would nip by to say hello and let you all know that my new boobs will be arriving next wednesday 22nd of june!! I shall be doing a new set of pics for my site when they arrive and they will be making there debut on the webcam on my site asap too.. So keep checking for updates on here as to when that will be happening. I’m very excited.. Need everybody to know that the end result will not be visible until 6 months to a year later.. But I’m not waiting that long before gettin them out!! :D
I also realise thatthere have been some technical dufficulties with the site, they are being worked on as I speak.
Speak soon everybody!!

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Not long now till the big move

Hey everyone!
Hope your all doing good! Not long now till the big move.. 2 weeks and counting!! Then its non stop naughtyness from there. 3 Elite shows a week.. And 3 web shows a week! If you haven’t tried the web show b4, u are missing out! It means you get to see me on your computer screen or phone screen.. And if you want me to (but you don’t have to) I can see you too! Good eh! To get to my webcam page. U simply come to my website and click the webcam link. You don’t have to be a member to do it either.. So its 4 everybody. Plus if u are a little shy.. You can listen/watch in to, without me even knowing your there! Exciting times ahead!! I’ll keep u posted on an exact date that will be happening tho! It should be just after 20th Feb.
Also valentines day is getting closer!!! Only 7 days away! See the link in my last blog 4 any ideas if your looking to buy me presents!! :D
Off now to do something productive with my day! On Elite TV tonight 9-2!
See you all there!!!

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