Morning!!! I made it home without wet feet!!! Yaaaaay!!

Hello Everyone!!

Just woke up and thought i’d write you all a quick blog! Lat night was such a good busy show!! Paige was in fire. which spured me on to bring out my even naughtier side.. even got told off for being too naughty once!! Don’t know what came over me!! Lol!! Did you all enjoy the show?? I hope so!! Now i have a well deseved couple of days off and i’m next back in at 5.30am on Thursday morning!..Hopefully i will have caught up on all of my sleep by then and be back on top form!!!

Thankyou for all your lovely comments..

Shandyman i’m so tempted to go and buy all 4 twighlight books.. but i am holding myself back as don’t want to know whats going to happen in the next films, coz it wil spoil them for me! Thought i’d flsh you all my tatoo.. yeah it says daddy’s little girl!! It’s sentimental to me.. but you guys always seem to make it in to something a little naughty!! Lol!!xx

You should go and watch Twighlight Scott.. it is my favourite film at the moment. I love it!! Muse do the main song to the film and i love it, even though i’m not usually a rock music fan! I was teasing you a little not showingyou the tatoo straight away.. but you know me, love being a little tease!! Paige has done the night show before when it first started.. she said she really enjoyed it last night tho and was glad to be back!xx

Hey Bob!! Thanks for calling this morning! You’d have to wear a kilt!!.. That wouldn’t be fair otherwise!! Lol!! You can’t deprive me of a kilt wearing scotsman in a helicopter!! Ha!xx

Ha, ha!! Mark, you don’t miss a trick either!! Thankyou.. but i’m sure a little break from me now will give you a chance to catch up on your sleep!! Hee, hee!!xx

Hey BigKarl!!! Glad you’ve come to join in the fun!!! A chelsea tatoo somewhere is a very good idea.. maybe i’ll get that done, could be a little painful tho!! hee, hee!! Tell you what, if you get a tatoo somewhere private, i will too!!!!! Lol! Am in a happy mood now as i have heard Lampard’s ban has been lifted for the stupid red card he got!!! YYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY, Hope the ref never refs again!! (that was a little mean wasnt it.. sorry ref!!)xx

Well.. as it is my first night off in forever.. i am going to abuse my unlimited cinema card again and go and see Valkyrie! Maybe i’ll smuggle in a mcdonals and an ice blast too.. they are my fave cinema¬† foods at the min.. i hope i don’t get caught one day though.. they may throw me out and take my card off me!!! That would be very embarassing!! Lol!! Hope it snows again soon too, i’m gitted i missed out on making a snowman!!!! Mark.. i’v filmed your personal message on my camcorder now too… so it should be on here soon!!

Anyway.. going to go and get ready now.. I’ll be on here a little later on to have a catch up with you all! Hope you all have a lovely day and i’ll catch up with you later! Matthew if your there.. was a bit busy this morn.. don’t know if you were tryna call me in the last part of the show like you usually do but i’ll hopefully speak to you on Thurs morn!

Love you all!!


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19 Responses to Morning!!! I made it home without wet feet!!! Yaaaaay!!

  1. shandyman says:

    awww you had a nice sleep? :)

    what did you do that got you told off? i think i must have missed some when i got my coffee! lol. You looked great today tho as usual! :) good that you get some time off! :)

    I’m just gonna read the first one for now, but i know i will prob end up reading them all! lol. I thought it was a lovely tattoo! :) until i saw it, i thought it was either there or somewhere naughty, but that was only cos Paige said so! lol, so blame her! :p

    I’m watching Twilight again tonight, no distractions this time! :) was gonna watch it earlier, but watched Heroes and 24 instead….

    haha enjoy the night off and the film!! surely as a woman, you have a bag thats like the TARDIS lol (huge on the inside), so you can sneak anything in? :) Am sure if anyone says something you can just flash that cheeky smile of yours and get away with it! :) xxxx

  2. Scott says:

    Glad to hear you got home without wet feet this time. I could see you were getting naughtier than usual!! It was as if you and Paige were having a competition to see who could pull there vest top the most! I Loved every minute of it mind!

    I can’t believe you got told off, what were you doing that was so bad? I think the tattoo is very sweet, it’s nice to have something sentimental like that. Thanks for answering my question about Paige, I haven’t been watching that long so don’t really know much about any of the girls. Well except for you of course.

    Oh I think it must be in America that Paramore do the title track, I’m sure it’s called decode, Does that ring a bell or am I just getting really confused?!?! I’m sure you’ve been asked before but what kind of music do you like? I’m a big rock/pop rock fan.

    Have a good couple of days off, incase I don’t comment again see you on Thursday morning!!

    Scott xxx

  3. BigKarl says:

    ok lori its a deal Ill get I love Lori this much on Little Karl lol glad u bought out paiges bad side someone needed to and turns out her bad side is a pretty good side . might as well read the twighlight books will proberly be totally diffrent to the movies like a certain mr potter lol

    oooh if u having a Maccy D’s have a choclate mileshake for me love the way takesu half an hour and u ended up with lockjaw from sucking to hard Theres a dirty comment there somewhere so ill leave u to make up your own jokes lol

    luv ya lots jellytots

  4. MARK says:

    Not really i sleep in the mornining when i get home from work,hope u have a good time at cinema and enjoy ur well deserved time off,looking forword to personal message and what did u get told off 4 ?was it when u was lifting t-shirt up

  5. Geoff says:

    Thanks for another gr8 chat this morning & glad you had a better journey home. Hope the film was good and that you have a well deserved rest.I had another day in court & will be there until next week probably. Look forward to seeing you thursday morning & will call you friday afternoon, Lots of love – Geoff xxx

  6. joe says:

    replying back too ya last comment babe i know ya only joking bout us not being able to be friends if man u win league but your much more important than any trophy to me lori lol.seems i missed out on another good show this mornin babe really hope friday comes sooner missin ya lots snows been good to see but pain to have if you’ve a car had to go on foot to work this mornin hope ta see’s ya l8r babe jojo xoxoxoxoxox ps film your goin to see looks great

  7. lori says:

    Hey all!!
    Just got home from the cinema!! Valyrie was pretty good.. wasn’t sure if i’d like it or not. You guys will love it!! Just sitting at home watching a bit of Layer Cake now with Emma. I’m going to have a really chilled out night tonight, think i need it. Got asked to work on Party People at 11am tomorrow, had to say no though coz i really need a lie in!! I got told off for being to naughty and implying too much..oh and spelling out s.h.i.t instead of saying it!!! Hee, heeeeeee!!! Oh weell, i’m sure there have been worse things done in the world!! Lol!! My bag was like the tardis shandyman..i managed to fit my ice blast in there, plus a double cheese burger and medium fries!Lol! Mmmmmmm mmm!! Thats ok Scott.. idon’t mind filling you in on the other girls. I think me and Paige were having a secret competition on who could be the naughtiest!! Lol!! I love all types of music.. indie, pop, r’n'b, classical, vocal house. I’m not really a fan of a genre of music, i just like songs really! Sounds perfect BigKarl.. make sure you send me a pic as evidence.. and so i can have a perv!! Lol! Hannah from Party People has read the twighlight books and she said the first book is better than the film. If i get the books tho.. i wont enjoy the film as much and that will annoy me! I’m not a fan of chocolate milshakes, i prefer banana ones, there perfect for sucking on through a film!! Lol!! Didn’t get told off once for lifting up shirt.. couldn’t beleive it Mark.. think it was because the producer was having a good oggle!! Lol! Geoff was lovely speaking to you today too! Hopefully boring jury service will fly by and then you will be back having fun in no time!!
    Going to chillax now my lovelies!!..Then get an early night!
    I’ll be on here again in the morning so hopefully i will see you all on here then!!
    Love ya’s lots!!
    P.S Filmed another video for you today!! There really mounting up now.. your in for a real treat!! :D

  8. shandyman says:

    Might have to have a gander at that filme then! :) layer cake, good film! :) thats a good idea, you deserve a rest missy!!! you’ve worked mega hard!!

    haha, i have female friends that have bags like that, Brilliant to go to the cinema with! I’ll read the book and let you know what i think :) thing is, books will always be better than the films!

    implying too much? lol never! :) why did you spell it out? i did think you and paige were trying to outdo each other! lol. I thought she was a quiet one that one until yesterday! haha.

    sucking on banana…..milkshakes ey? :P cheeky! hehe.

    don’t blame the producer for oggling! i was!! :)

    night trouble!! x

  9. joe says:

    oh glad you enjoyed cinema babe im obviously a distant memory though lol no shout out. your watching good film in layer cake though.i think i’ll defo try thurs morn though falling to bits here without speakin to ya.jojo

  10. Scott says:

    Glad you enjoyed the film, another one recommended I will have to start making a list! I think you deserve a chilled out night after all the hours you have been putting in the last few days.

    It did seem as if you and Paige had a bet going to see who would get told off first. It made for great viewing though. You could of spelled out a much worse word than that, they should be grateful it wasn’t worse!!!

    Yeah I can be listening to the radio and a certain song will just catch my ear, but as a rule it’s generally rock/pop rock. Must be cool liking so many different types of music means you don’t have change radio stations so often!!

    Enjoy your early night honey. Looking forward to the new videos.

    Scott xxx

  11. BigKarl says:

    well how about i send u a before shot and then have it done and then send u an after shot lol glad u enjoyed your maccy D anyway must admit i prefer the japanese burgers to the english ones they actually look like the pics there. actually thought u said u were sucking on a bannana at first which of course gave us all a funny picture in out heads lol

    me just watching tokyo drift on DVD missing the place its been a month only another few weeks till im back there for 4 days cant wait weirdest place on earth yet so friendly. sure I could find room in my suitcase for a small one lol

    Then i think we gonna bombard emma with texts 2moz im sure mr flibble will send her some texts as well oh u aint met mr Flibble yet dont worry u will

    anyway wont bore ya anymore Love ya Bigkarlxxx

  12. Scott says:

    Just a quick message, I meant to ask a question a while a go. When you were on party girls I noticed that the girl presenting the listings for the channel looked like you, is it you?

    Scott xxx

  13. lori says:

    Just a quick reply coz i’ll reply to you all properly tomorrow.. but yeah scott the girl in the blue dress presenting is me! Do i look alrite??xx

  14. Scott says:

    You don’t need to ask if you look alrite, you look stunning of course!! I like the look up with the eyes when you say “Cheeky chat” HA. I first saw party girls last November I think, I can’t remember who was on but I remember thinking that I wish I could watch the girl doing the listings all evening instead. I’m not just saying that either!!!

    Then saw you on party people a while later and thought that looks like the girl from the listings. Thanks for the quick reply, I had been meaning to ask for a while just kept forgetting.

    Scott xxx

  15. shandyman says:

    whats the listings? lol. or am i just being stupid……

  16. bob dundee says:

    Lori glad all the guys confirmed what I said to u this morning that u were very hot!!! it took me until I got to work to calm down. I have never heard u in such a sexy mood it was great. As I said to u the babestation girls cannot hold a candle to u when your in that mood.Am I to assume u want to see whats under a scotsmans kilt again by your ealier comments, have to see what I can do!!!! speak to you on Thursday lol Bob

  17. Scott says:

    Shandyman, what I called the “listings” (didn’t know what else to call it lol) is the bit between party people and party girls on channel 46. Lori appears on screen and reads out what is happening on the channel. Hope that clears things up.

  18. shandyman says:

    ahhhh cool, ta scott. i’ve not watched it often so i didn’t know… thats something to look out for! :)

  19. shandyman says:

    PS, a little birdie mentioned that you enjoyed the film last night and even had a lil cry….. awwwww hehe

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