New cheeky Pics of me and Morgan added inside!!!

Morning Everyone!!
Just got home from the show!!! It was sooooo much fun!! That Jemma Jey is a right naughty little minx.. she’s amazing!! Hee, hee!! Did you all enjoy the show? Me and hannah had such a giggle later on too!! I’m once again lying in bed in the dark writing you this message.. but i noticed that some of the pics of me and Morgan have been put inside for you.. yaaaaay!!! Finally!!!.. and there’s more to come too!! Seems like inside the sites really starting to take shape now.. and i’m soooo pleased!! Eventually there will be content updated pretty much daily.
Glad you all seemed to like my outfits last night.. i love having my hair in pigtails too.. makes me feel even naughtier!! ;)

GAZ… If you watch the show monday morning 5.30am.. i may have a little treat in store for you!! Hee, hee!! Glad you liked Thurs nights outfits!!xx

Thanks for your texts last night Doctor John!! I’m glad your back properly now! It’s very sweet you were dreaming of me.. and i will try and wear something satin for you soon babe!!xx

Your going to phone me soon Jason!!? you better do!! I haven’t got a fan club.. just lots of friends!! :D xx

Hey jojo.. was lovely speaking to you this morning.. you sounded on top of the world!! Hee, hee!! I hope you have a good day at the footy.. and we’ll have another good catchup in the week!!xx

Glad you like d the earrings tapit!!.. Hee, hee!! Did you watch last night?xx

Ooooh the controls hey Nick!!.. Sounds very interesting indeed!!.. and i’m definately always up for a free ride!! ;) Hee, hee!!xx

BigKarl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no!!!!! Wondered where you’d got to aswell… was keeping an eye out for your texts and everything!! Try and watch it later if anyone recorded it!! Still haven’t received the package.. Hopefully i will get it soon!!xx

Hey Shandyman!! Glad you liked the outfits!! Did you make it through the whole show?? Hope i’ve given you a big smile to start your day off with!! Hee, hee!xx

I told you i had a suprise for you didn’t i Firebird!! Lol! Glad you liked the white, black with pink hearts and the latex!! Glad you liked me and Jemma bum to bum too.. hee, hee!! We were in a naughty mood the pair of us, thinnk we were making each other worse!! Sounds like you enjoyed the show though!! Lol!xx

Right.. i am now going to get some sleep for a few hours! Then i have to get up and either go to the cinema or to Harrods for a bit of shopping!! Then have to come home and i’m going to a party tonight with Emma, so not sure if i will have time to come back on here later.. but if not, i will be on here tomorrow anyway. Have a lovely day everyone!!
Love ya’s all lots!!!

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9 Responses to New cheeky Pics of me and Morgan added inside!!!

  1. G@Z! says:

    i treat for me lori at 5:30 on monday cool i hope this is on pp liked the outfits on friday too the black bra with the white hearts and the black pvc outfit was very hot :D

  2. G@Z! says:

    pink hearts oops

  3. shandyman says:

    so no leaving us lovely mental images now? :P just sitting in the dark? haha. prob safer for me after last night….

    I made it, just about! loved the pigtails too :) you & jemma bum to bum was saucy hehe, i think she’d prob be a really bad influence on you ;) hehehe. Deffo a big smile!!!! and something else…. (cheeky me!! :P )

    sounds like a good day planned! sleep then shopping or cinema :) i think its xbox or film night tonight…. or go all out and do both! lol. well went out for dinner with the parents last night and had some wine and some whiskey……

    have a great day xxxxxx

  4. DOCTOR JOHN says:

    hey my aphroditie

    I will just make a note when your on next, ooh would like to see you in a Satin baby doll preferably Black and shiny…

    oooh loved the Latex outfit you were wearing last night, now that was something, I was quite happy when Hannah came on the show this moring, I hadn’t seen her for ages!! my god she’s fit!, I know Hannah from way back when I started texting the show well over a year now and I can’t believe it’s been a been over a year now!!

    oh I like the pigtails love seeing a girl with pigtails especially in a naughty college girl outfit….




  5. Hedley says:

    Hi Loribabes, just missed you this morning. Sat through Mad Max talking complete nonsense to you (what’s he like when he’s drunk?) and I was about to be put through…. and you signed off – it was 9.00am and Hannah time! Boo hoo! Nothing against Hannah, but it was you I’d hung on 10 minutes for! I saw Emma was on later, but couldn’t ring in as the kids had surfaced by then. So I’ve missed out on my two fav ladies today! Just wanted to know if you two got what I posted to you. Please let me know.

  6. BigKarl says:

    wow having seen the screen caps and a little video im gutted i missed it could have a few cracking texts with those outfits but gues will have to wait till another time. hope u have a great time tonight dont do anything i would do but knowing me that is anything and everything lol hopefully might put some pics up like to see what u 2 get up 2 on the lash lol

    well boring night in for me watch MOTD i think and an early night.
    speak 2 ya soon xxx

  7. joe says:

    Well hey baby im always on top of the world when im speaking to you thats probably why i’ve nothing to chat about cos im admiring whats on the other end lol thanks again for chat it was brill i’ve missed you so badly but yesterday morning and this morning you’ve put a firm smile on my face and i really can’t wait for next time is it time yet lol.No footie was bad thats enough lol.How was shopping babe or did you just go to pictures again you really should move in there you no. well enjoy urself tonight lori don’t get to bladdered babe excuse my french lol and hope to see’s ya tmoz take care baby luvs ya.
    jojoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ps fab new cheeky pics by the way phewwwwwwwwww

  8. bob dundee says:

    Lori loved the outfits today u were looking as sexy as always. Feeling very well considering the drink on friday. Everytime I see a policewoman in future I will think of Friday!!!!! Speak to you on Monday hope you had a great night out u need to relax more lol Bob

  9. pizza boy says:

    missing me got a lot of things to send you for last weekend things a bit busy at the mo princess its manic at work sorry not been in touch xx

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