Brand new naked pics inside!! You lucky boys!!!

Hey Everyone!!

I’m back!! Sorry for not being around over the weekend.. have not stopped!! Today is now my day of rest before i go back to the studio tomorrow!! I am doing Party People 11am till 4pm.. so i hope you will all be there! I am so looking forward to coming back!! I’ve missed you guys lots and lots!! Although i have had the roof down on the car nearly all last week and over the weekend!! I have even got myself a nice little tan!! Hope you like all the new pics that have been going up.. don’t worry, there are more to come!!

JoJo, Nath, Bobby Boy, BigKarl, Scott and Shandyman. Thankyou for all of your messages!! Sorry i haven’t got time to comment back today, but i am having to be a domestic goddess tidying the house and doing the washing because i haven’t really got much spare time to do it this week with  being a work! I will be writing a proper blog tomorrpw though telling you everything i have been getting up to!!

I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to shandyman though for getting the job!! That means you’ll be able to get a gold star soon!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Right my little angels! I am off now, but i will hopefully see you all on Party People tomorrrow!! Then on here when i get home!!

Have a good day and night whatever your doing..

Love ya’s lots!!!!!!!


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13 Responses to Brand new naked pics inside!! You lucky boys!!!

  1. Bobby boy says:

    Lori know how you feel I have been very busy this weekend great to hear from u as I said on the blog below fantastic pics wow!!!!! lol Bobxxx

  2. BigKarl says:


    well when u finished cleaning u can come round in your maids outfit and do mine if you want hehehe. like your kitchen by the way same worktops as me always knew u had taste. glad u had a great weekend mine was a bit lousy the sky box blew up. lucky weve got a spare one well thats the one i was gonna put in my bedroom but at least I have access to the channels again

    anyway i got a joke for ya. police find a man floating in the river in a chelsea shirt and womens underwear and with a someting up his bum. police have removed the chelsea shirt for fear of embaressing the family hehehehe so chelsea vs liverpool again you know what this means Lori Vs Paige so should have a jelly wrestlling match you in your chelsea shirt m#n paige in her livepool shirt might be more intersting than the actual match lol

    Do you know if your working the weekend as im off to japan sat for 4 days. so need to set up timers on my Hdd recorders and work out if your on PP if i can watch u on the streaming.

    well i better get gone lot of flight details and hotels to book as well arranging to fly some in bits and peices. looking forward to 2moro as well it feels like months since i last saw u even though its less than a week lol

    hugs n kisses xxxx

  3. anonymous says:

    Well hello stranger!!! How are you babes, did ya have a good break? i bet ya did and you just could not wait to get back to us boys could ya??? :) Nicwe to see your back with us tomorrow as well.
    My bloomin credit card failed to renew subscription due to some cloning thing going on with it….but things are getting sorted so i should be a VIP again very soon! So i suppose you are gonna carry on winding me up about all the latest pics inside are ya!! From the sounds of things from the VIP’s the pics are damm good!! The last set i got was the cream and cookies. Oh well fingers crossed i can be inside by the end of the week. Look forward to hearing all about your antics while you been away, ok babes gotta another big job to start tomorrow so i will have to catch up with yoa when i get home… Have fun on the show babes take care, love Mark…Firebird xxx

  4. joe (JoJo) says:

    Hey there lori so glad you had a good time last week nice to be hearing from you again babe these pics have been great you really have spoilt us rotten have’nt you after i’ve wrote this im gonna have proper look at these newer pics oh boy am i looking forward to them heehee :P .Hope i can ring tmoz in my lunch break and say hi be dissapointed if i can’t though :) but i’ve definetly got something you might like in the way of a pic babe really hope it makes you smile like this :D im sure you’ll give me your honest opinion won’t ya?.Congratulations shandy for being in our v.i.p club how doe’s it feel.Anyway let you carry on doing the house work in your pinny babe if its good job would you be up for tidying up after me Lol.Try pop by tmoz then baby if not i won’t be far away but for now take care little miss gorjus luv’s ya big kisses and cuddles JoJoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. BigKarl says:

    Hey Lori!

    ta for the congrats!!! well working sucks!!! lol. well this job i am stuck doing anyway! but am thinking of the money!!

    i think i have to wait til end of april til i get paid!! which is a pain cos i have to wait til then to get my star!!!!! lol.

    and you’re on tomorrow and i can’t watch! since am stuck doing 9-5.30 this week am sure Karl will provide a blow by blow report and maybe Josh will have capped! lol.

    Anyway am ramblin on! have a wicked day tomorrow! and it sounds like you’ve had a good time!!!

    Shandyman xxxxxxxx

    PS, just seen emma’s new hair! shocking but wicked!

  6. BigKarl says:

    Hey Sexy Little L Latex Princess!!!!!!

    Sorry but missed the second half damm streaming down grrrrrrrrrrrr. didnt see if u replyed to my texts.

    Yeah Shandys reply had a star because they wouldnt let him do it anonymous on either His or My Machines so Shandy told me what he wanted to write and i copied and paste it into my account dont worry hes not seen anything. ive been teasing him about whats in these picturess but ive not given them to him well if I had he would be in intensive care with heart palpataions thinking Naked Lori pics would Kill him off what with wifey talking of 3am shows and underwear and fetish photosets.

    So whats it to be Jelly Wrestleing Can Just See it in the Red Corner Leicesters Latex Niplsip Princess Lori and in the Blue Corner the South African Sex Kitten Paige all i would say is LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE !!!!!!!!! you can see put a lot of thought into this lol But im sure all of your loyal VIP members would love to see it !!! and you did say u would do something special for joining so maybe its time to call in that favour. if u love me and your loyal VIP members that is ;-)

    That Skirt was obscence but Bloody Brilliant you know you have the sexiest ass your face aint bad either hehehehe

    so what time did emma get in last night as they went out agin last night they gotta take a vid camera out one night would love to see what them 2 get up 2 hahaha had her in fits of laughter and admitting to sleeping with emma which

    damm i need sleep ive been up 56 hours straight. just cant sleep hopeing to start to get my clock ready for the flight and jet lag from japan.

  7. Hedley says:

    Hi Loribabes! Good to talk today after soooooooo long! Bad that it was only 2 minutes before being cut off! I’d listened to your previous conversation with James, the shy sounding garage manager, for far longer than I thought he’d hang around for! Ho hum! Skirt was cute, if a little pointless. Your new boots are wicked! Been missing Emma too. Haven’t seen her for ages. Has she gone into hiding after the rugby? What’s this about a new hair do? Not too extreme I hope. Oh, if there is a rota for you going round to clean the guys houses in your maid’s outfit then can you put my name down next? I’ve got a big house so you’ll probably have to bring Emma as well! Maybe Hannah too! Oh well getting carried away now, see ya babes. Love Hedley XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  8. Geoff says:

    Hiya Lori it was great being able to chat again to your beautiful-self & Wow you did look so gorgeous as usual. I really missed u lots & it was great to hear your cheerful voice. Thanks 4 wearing the you know whats & i’m glad that you still love them. I look forward to seeing you on thursday morning & i can’t wait to chat to you on friday morning. I’m glad you enjoyed your well deserved break & it’s great to have you back again
    Lots of love – Geoff xxx

  9. Welshboy says:

    Hey there Lori!!
    After finally chatting to you today (just before you finished at 4pm), I’ve joined up to your site! LOVE THE PICS! Lori – you really are an incredible woman!
    Enjoyed out chat and will catch you again soon, hotstuff!!

    Lots of love, hugs and millions of kisses,
    W xxxxxxxxxxxxx (“Welshboy”)

  10. Scott says:

    Hey Lori, sorry I didn’t phone today I was gonna ring during my lunchbreak but had to work through!!!! Very annoying!! I have just got in from work I haven’t stopped for the day.I have recorded the show from today, cause I thought I was gonna speak to you. I will watch it later to see what all the fuss is about this skirt lol.

    Do you know when you are on a daytime show next because I will definetly not be working through next time, they will have to wait for there car. Just seen the new picture set, and wow once again you look amazing! Loving the cowgirl look.

    Scott xxx

  11. anonymous says:

    Hey Lori

    it wasn’t letting me post on here! kept saying enter a valid email, but its the same one i usually use! :( even tried my other one and nada. so karl posted for me.


  12. anonymous says:

    Hey Sexy Pigtail, laytex Lori! Its 3-0 to Us Boys Firebird, Bigkarl and Shandyman for the Lori V Paige Jelly Wrestling competition Im sure you will win the match hehehe!! I think you have lost to us boys tho babes :( So i think now its SPECIAL treat time for us VIPs
    HEY (I am still a VIP but cannot display my GOLD STAR :( )
    Lots n lots n lots of Love & Cheeky HUGS n Kisses Firebird XXXXX :P

  13. joe (jojo) says:

    Hey gorjus thanks for great chat really glad i got through you seemed so churpy on the phone and that makes me more happy :D babe did you like the pic hope it made you smile babe let me know? New pics are really hot babe just like you there sooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy gorjus no one could beat you in how hot you look.You sounded glad too here from me anyway which means i can’t wait for friday mornin its a defo date and i hope your looking as forward to it as i am baby.Take care precious love you lots and lots baby bye.JoJoxoxoxoxoxo PS great to have you back again

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