Brand new exclusive pics inside today!! me and an apron.. and not much else!! Hee, hee!!

Morning all!! Thought i’d send an early text this morning! Do you like the new pics inside??  Hope so!! I think i don’t look to bad in the kitchen.. if i do say so myself!! Hee, hee!! I’m still in bed at the minute, thought i’d write this to you guys and then get up and get ready for the show. Today you have me on Party People, Hanna on Babesation Day and Emma on 3G. Oh what a fun packed days its going to be!! Ha, ha!!

Hey Shandyman.. i’m not really a Terminator fan!! Never been that keen!! Looooove Family Guy!! Haven’t watched any for a while though.. need to catch  up on the new series!! RSI in your hand lol!!… what caused it?? or should i not ask?? Ha, ha!! Thats unlucky  you have a sprained ankle aswell though!! I’m not keen on my short hair.. prefer it long to be honest!!xx

Yes.. glass of champagne in be Nath.. although i do have a bit of a headache this morning.. LIGHTWEIGHT!!!! Lol!! You are always away!! And i thought i was busy.. your away more than i am!! Ha,  ha!! I am sooooooo excited about Cannes! I’m excited about the whole 10 days off as i’v got so much fun stuff to do!! It’s going to be weird not being on the shows though!! I guess i can still keep you updated on here.. i am going to take my laptop with me. But i think the blogs will be just me telling you what i’m getting up to more than replying to everyone.. as my friend not going to want to sit and watch me type for an hour at a time! Lol!! Will be taking pics and vids while i’m there too. Need a camera though as haven’t got one! :( xx

Hey Firebird, you didn’t seem nervous at all to be honest!! Can’t wait till we speak again! I’ll keep a lookout for my prezzie.. hopefully it will come in time!! I’m not that bad without make up!!.. At least i don’t think i am :/ xx

Ha, ha!! You needed a cold shower after seeing the new pics Mr Red Nose!!?? Lol!! Glad you like them!! My bums ok!! It does look very nice in those pics tho if i do say so myself!!  Fingers crossed that we’ll speak today or tomorrow!!xx

Your the last one that needs to call.. oh and Tapit!! But i’m going to be on his case next!! Ha, ha!! Are you too shy to call in that what it is BigKarl?? Ha ha!! thought i was little miss vain!! But really, i’m not vain at all!! :P   I think your all only sending me prezzies in the hope i’ll do a shoot and get my boobs out properly for you all!! Lol!! xx

Right.. i’m gping to watch 1 episode of the hills.. then i’m going to get up and have some lunch and get ready for the show!! See you all at 4pm!!!

have a good day!!

Love ya’s!!


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Hey!!! Me again!!!

Just got back from the cinema!! Coraline was good.. but a little weird!! Watchable though!! I had a fun day today. Me and Hanna went shopping after the show, so  didn’t get home till late. Then i ate and got some sleep, and by the time i woke up it was 4.30pm. So just went to the gym for a couple of hours.. then back home, and then to the cinema!! Pretty busy day to be honest!! Now i am just lying on my bed writing to you all!! Hope you all enjoyed the show.. me and Hanna giggled all morning long!! It was so fun!!

I’m sure Nath the 10 days will fly by!!! Ha, ha! Me and chillies don’t go.. i have tried them and tried them to try and get used tot hem.. but my mouths not having any of it!! So just the mild stuff for me i’m afraid!! Your busy over the next bank holiday too then!!.. At least you won’t be bored!! I’m so hoping my prezzie comes before Saturday.. i’m going to be checking for it every day!!!xx

Was great to hear from you today Firebird!! You are such a lovely guy!! I couldn’t beleive it when you were on my phone!! It put such a big smile on my face as you could probably tell!! Ha, ha!! I hope this means that whenever you get chance you will be able to give me a call as it would be nice to speak to you again! Now we’ve just gotta get BigKarl to call me!! Yaaaaaaaay!!.. Can’t wait for the gold star to come back too!!xx

Hiya Mr Red Nose!!!! Was good to chat to you today too!! Thankyou for the sweet comments!! At least you know what i look like when i’v just got out of bed!! Hee, hee!! Have a lovely holiday too!! Fingers crossed we’ll speak before my birthday!!xx

Hey Geoff!! Thought you’d like me wearing your boots again!! Was good to have a little chat with you!.. I understand that you had to be quick because of work though, but i will look forward to our chat on Thursday!! I will let you know what i get with my gift voucher!!xx

Ha, ha!!! Tapit!!! I could never go on the show without any make-up!!!.. I have been on without the hair though!! Have you not seen me with my shoulder length hair before?? Thought i’d show you my au-naturel side in the vid.. so if you ever see me in the street.. your not suprised!!! Lol!! Hope i haven’t lost my sexy cute image now!! Ha, ha!! Glad you had a good birthday hun!!!xx

Thanks for our little chat this morning JoJo!!!  I’m on Party People tomorrow afternoon 4pm till 9pm!! Will you be coming to say hello?? Thought i’d show you how i arrived a work.. i’m sure some people think i waltz in to the studio with full make up, a fur coat on and an entourage!! Lol!! But as you can see.. its’ far from that!! There’s more to the vids though.. so keep watching for the next one!! Ha!xx

Sorry i made you late for work this morning Shandyman!!! Apologies!!!  Don’t watch Coraline.. i don’t think you’d like it!! Glad you like then new pics and hen new vid.. glad it hasn’t scared you off!! Lol! I hope the prezzie does come before i finish for the 10 days off!! I’m so excited!! Hope you have sent me a Drogba cake too!! Hee, hee!!xx

If anyone was going to be mean about me not having make up on it would be you BigKarl!! Lol!! So i’ll take what you said as a compliment!! :D I think you should all take pictures when you’ve just got up in the morning.. that would make me feel a whole lot better!!! Lol!! Guess who’s excited about her Pluggin Pants!!!?? Lol!!!xx

Right i am going to relax now!! I have a glass of champagne that i am going to get down me neck and i’m going to watch a bit of telly too, then get some sleep!!

Night night everyone!! Hope the bed bugs don’t bite and all of that!! See you tomorrow!!

Love ya’s!!!


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hey boys!! just a little quickie incase you thougjt i’d forgot you!!

Hey everyone!
I’m just on my way to the cinema.. Thought I’d come and say hello incase you’d all thought I’d forgotten you! I’ll do a proper blog when I get home in a couple of hours. Going to watch Coraline.. So I’ll let u know how it is!!
Love ya’s lots!! Speak in a bit!!

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Brand new pics and video inside today!! Get yourself in there if you want to see me looking cute in a bunny outfit!!

Evening everyone!!

Hope your ok!  As some of you know.. i went to the bbq last night.. had such a good time. Toya was sweet enough to say she would cover my shift for me this morning as i was a bit tired!!! The bbq was great though at lots of burgers and sausages!! mmmm mm!! Just been chilling out today getting a few bits done, then went to westfield for a spot of shopping, then on to La Tasca for all you can eat. Although wasn’t feeling to great earlier.. only managed 3 tapas dishes and i’d usually have 6! Then came over all tired so came home. Just had a shower and packed my bag.. now i am in bed about to watch the last episode of hereos!!!!! I love it!! I am in on the 5.30am-11am shift in the morning.. so hopefully i will see  you all there!

FIREBIRD!!!!!! Where’s your gold star gone???????  I could not beleive my eyes when i saw your comment and there was no gold star!!????????? Ooooooh prezzzie?? Exciting stuff!!! I love it when its my birthday, u boys really look after me :D xx

Hey Nath!! I know what you mean.. when i can’t go to the gym its so frustrating!! I am going to be back in the gym tomorrow!! Lo and behold i am going for an all you can eat chinese for my birthday!! Lol!! Classy!! There’s 14 of us going so it should be a giggle!! Then on the 19th i fly out to Cannes until the 23rd, i then go to Leicester for my friends hen night part 2.. then see my day there until the 26th.. then come back to London for work early on the 27th!! My last show before i go away for the 10 days is on the 16th.. this saturday, I’m doing the daytime afternoon shift!! I’m glad i brightened up your day gorgeous!!!!xx

Hiya JoJo!! Guess what i picked up from work today??? My prezzie from you!! I absolutely love the shoes!! There so pretty and you made such a good choice!! Can’t beleive you teased me yesterday with the cold lager.. was so glad it wasn’t long before i went home though else it would of been torture all day long!! Will you be around in the morning?? I hope so!!xx

Hey Shandyman!!!! Ha, ha!! You know me, have to plug as much as i can!!.. No one else is going to do it for me.. although BigKarl does every now and then!! :D Cider, snacks and film sound good!! What did you watch??xx

Mr Red Nose.. your far naughtier than me!!.. and you know it!! :p I wasn’t on the show this morning in the end.. so you didn’t miss anything!! I am on in the morning though so hopefully i might see you then!!??xx

Hey Big Karl!! Arrr i’m ok thankyou!! I wasn’t poorly.. just was tired and didn’t want to wear myself out if i didn’t have too!! My prezzie’s on its way.. yaaaaaaaaay.. how exciting!! I won’t tell emma don’t worry.. your secrets safe with me!!xx

I’m really sorry Geoff!! I was just so tired and as i’m in all this week i didn’t want to wear myself out!! I got your prezzies in the post!! Thankyou so much!! I’ll be wearing those hold ups on the next show i can.. adn i’m going to be scouting for some sexy underwear very soon!! I’ll be on in the morning at 5.30am.. so i hope i’ll be able to see you then!!xx

Hey Tapit my little sex bomb!! I’m fine!!!! Though if i wasn’t id hope you’d come and look after me!! Hee, hee!! Is it your birthday???? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEXY TAPIIIIIIIT.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Hope you’ve had a great day!! I’ll give you special kisses on the morning show!! Glad you like the bunny ears.. thought it bought out my cuter sid!! Hee, hee!!xxxx

Right.. i’m sleeping now!! Gotta be up for some fun with you guya at 4am!!

Love ya’s all lots!!!


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Goodnight everyone!! Remember Babestation Daytime tomorrow at 10am!!

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry for the late reply tonight!! Hope your all ok? I slept all day today.. was sooooooo tired!! Then went with my friend to see Coraline.. we missed the start though so ended up going to see wolverine for the second time!! Lol!! Loved doing the 3am show last night.. hadn’t realised how much i’d actually missed it!! You boys were so sweet and the calls and texts were amazing!! As you all know i am on Babestation Day in the morning from 10am-3pm. So i hope you will all be there to brighten up my day! This is only a quick post by the way as i have to be up in 7 and a half hours.. and i must admit i look terrible without my beauty sleep!! After the show tomorrow i am going to a BBQ at the guy that sorts out our shifts at works house, in Twickeham. So i am not too sure what time i will be doing my blog tomorrow! Though i wont be home from the bbq too late as i have to be up again at 4am the next morning!! Just lying in bed now after having a nice shower. Going to switch the light s off in a sec and catch some zzzzzzzz’s!!! I will reply to your comments tomorrow!!

Night night my little v.i.p’s!!

Sleep well and i will see you all hopefully in the morning!!

Love ya’s lots!!!


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New sexy shoot, 2 New Videos and a new set of Personal pics all inside exclusively for v.i.p’s today!!! If your not already in.. your missing out!! :D

Hey Everyone!!

You have been so lucky today with all the new content!! Hope you like all the pics and vids!! The pics of me and my friend are from the hen weekend i went to at the weekend. So you get to see me and my friends!! Hope you like the love pants too.. and the vid of me on the show!

I have been to the gym today.. spent a good couple of hours there.. didn’t realise but i hadn’t been since Saturday.. feel so much better now though! Just got home and i’m goin to wash my hair soon, get everything ready for tonight.. then relax and watch the telly!! Star Trek was sooooo good last night,  it made me want to go out and buy all the series and watch them. I hope they do another film!!

Hey Shandyman! I had such a long sleep yesterday.. didn’t wake up till 5.. i never do that either. Not looking forward to this weekend though and next week.. i’m in tonight, Sunday 9am-3pm, Monday 4.30am-11am, tuesday 4.30am-11am, Wednesday 3pm-9pm, Thursday 10am-4pm and Saturday 2pm-8pm. So i am not looking forward to it!! The thing i mentioned i am not sure if it is going to happen now so i can’t say as i might get myself in trouble!!xx

Hey JoJo!!!  Have you seen your video today?? Hope you like it!! I will keep a look out for me birthday prezzie.. I’m so excited.. can’t wait to see what it is! Will you be up early in the morning to watch me? Hope so.. going to be putting me lingerie on and getting a tad comfy on that couch! hee, hee!! I will be gutted if Drogba can’t (i just had to stop because Travis has been sick all around the flat… yuuuuuukkk!!!) play champions league again :( we’ll have to wait and see though!xx

I know BigKarl.. he’s happy though.  He messaged me yesterday saying he was so glad to be back training with Scholesy and the boys. May have some bad news for the shoot!!.. I am working that day 10am till 4pm.. so i’v gotta hope that the shoot is a later one than normal.. and i can rush there when i finish the show! Oooooh if you put vodka in the jelly.. i’d definately be in there!! Lol!! Shandy in custard??.. why is that a bad thing?? I think it could be tasty!! Hee, hee!!xx

Hey Mr Red Nose!! Trust you to be trying to corrupt me in to becoming a dominatrix!! Lol!! I may put my latex dress on tonight.. so i guess i may be half way there!! Ha, ha!  Glad you like the new piccys too!! Hurry up and come say hi again soon!!xx

Hiya Nath!! Oh God.. after our chat the other day.. thought you might of dissowned me!! Lol!! Chinese Buffet, beer and the footy!! Makes me sound like such a chav!! Lol!! I’m not really i promise!! I do all those 3 things in the most ladylike fashion!! Ha, ha!! The hangover has finally gone.. hooraaay!! Its a shame you’ve gotta stay put of the gym for a while.. it felt so good to be back in there again today! I ‘m gutted about chelsea still… hope Drogba doesn’t get too punished.. he’s a passionate player which is what i love about him, but sometimes it can get him in too trouble.. and i hope this time its not too much trouble! Such a shame though! Ye send the pic to PO BOX 4047 LONDON W1A 6PZ.xx

Hey Geoff!! Yeah i have done a personal vid for you.. they’ve got it so it will be on its way up soon.. don’t worry!!  Arrr shame we won’t be able to chat in the morning.. at least you can spy on me in my undies though!! Hee, hee!! I think you are my longest friend to be honest at 2 years nearly!! It has flown by though!! But i’ve loved it! Yeah Emma is still leaving.. not to sure when her last shows are though! Will be good to catch up on sunday.. and i will keep my eyes peeled for my prezzie too :D xx

Rigth!! I’m going to wash my hair now.. then get something to eat!! Hopefully all you night owls will be up to see me in the morning!! 3am.. on Babestation 2 and Freeview channel 37!!! I will be trying to look sexy.. but please send me a text and let me know if i’m not!! Ha, ha!!!

See you all on the other side!!!

Love ya!!!


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Afternoon everyone!! How dissapointed am i about the football!! :(

Afternoon everyone!!

Hope your all ok!! Can’t beleive what happened in the footy last night.. i was absolutely gutted!! There was definatley at least 3 penalties we were owed!! I thought we were the better team too..  yeah there good to watch because they play fancy football.. but are tactics picked holes in there game.  My poor big Drogba was so distraught.. hope he doesn’t get in too much trouble for his actions!! I know he hasn’t got many fans out there.. but i love his passion. He knew what happened wasn’t right.. and he wanted to let the ref know.. and i’m behind him all the way!! The ref pretty much cost us the game! As you can tell.. i could talk about it all day.. so much so that i had to put a ban on talking about it on the show this moring.. people would of been bored.. and it would of been to painful! :’(

Anyway.. how did you guys like the show?? Hope you liked it lots!! I loved working with Paige.. we had such laugh this morning.. so much so that i even walked in to one of the floor lights by accident and smashed the bulb.. eeeek!! Lol!! With the shows finishing at 11am.. i didn’t get home until 11.45am. Felt so tired too.. got to sleep for about 1.30pm.. and not long been awake! Feel so tired though.. now that the shows are longer.. i find it’s really taking it out of me! Feel like i could sleep all day!!  Going to get out of bed soon though and have a shower.. then there is  preview of Star Trek tonight at the cinema so i am definately going to see that!!

Hey Shandyman!! Yeah real good fun in Manc thankyou! Just trying to get all the pictures together to upload on to here for you!.. There’s pics in there of me looking a little tipsy.. but oh well.. ha, ha! I’m still doing 3am’s this month.. but we only do them over the weekends now, and i’m just doing 2 shows because i have most of the weekends booked off this month because iv got so many things to do!! Glad you liked the vid too hun.. tried to make them a little personal for everyone!xx

JoJo.. don’t worry.. i didn’t expect to hear from you because of you working! I’m sure we’ll have a good catch up over the weekend! Glad you like the new pics!!!..  and the minute i can’t resist gettng undressed for you all hee, hee!! Defo going to the film festiavl now.. we’ve decided we’d be stupid to miss it.. so were going to do some celeb spotting instead!.. Lol!! xx

That really did hurt BigKarl.. we were so unlucky.. i really felt for the players. Constantly we’ve had to try and prove ourselves in the champions league as people seem to think our football isn’t good enough.. but i think we proved were  good enough and i think we could or won it this year.. especially after losing last year to Man U from penalties! Gutted!! Yeah my friend was at Blackburn, but he was on loan there and went back to Man U today. You would never see me in a Rovers shirt or a Man U shirt.. i just couldn’t bring myself to do it! Yeah i finish on the 17th for my birthday and i’m not back until the 27th. Have some much stuff booked in to do!!xx

Hey Mr Red Nose!! Was good to speak to you too.. you kept me and Paige entertained for most of the morning! Yep deffo going to go to Cannes, your right, it’ll be something that i may never do again and a real experience!! I haven’t received my birthday prezzie from you as of yet.. but hopefully it will come soon.. i’ll keep an eye out for it!xx

Thankyou for your call this morning Geoff.. i’m glad me and Paige put a smile on your face by both wearing our boots!! Fingers crossed the shoot willl be on the 14th May.. but i  have to check my diary and see if i can do it! I’m gutted i’m not on 3G either.. but hopefully i can fit one in before the end of the month! Speak to you Sunday morn.. 10 am till 3pm.xx

Right.. i am going to get up and get ready. I’ll let you know tomorrow how the film was.. and i am back on the show Saturday morning 3am till 10am.. so i hope you’ll all be there to watch  me in my undies!! Hee, hee!! There will be a new photo shoot on here and video tomorrow, so make sure you take a look!!

Have a good night everyone!!

Love ya’s all lots!!


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Hey Everyone!!!!… I’m back!!!!!!

Hey Everyone!!

Ya missed me!!!? Sorry for the ignorance.. what a busy weekend i’v had! Manchester was soooooo good!!! Spent the whole weekend pretty much drunk though!!.. Ha, ha!! I will have some pictures to upload on here for you very soon of the night out, then i can show you all of my friends!! Yippppeeee!!! Todays show was good.. although i think my hangovers still with me as i couldn’t stop yawning!! Once again another busy day for me so still haven’t had time to reply to your comments i’m afraid! Got back from work at 5.30pm today.. i’v spent the last hour and twenty minutes trying to decide whether to go to cannes or sharm el sheikh with my friend for my birthday… i know how a massive headache and still don’t know what were doing! Its stressing me out now.. any ideas anyone?? Now got 45 mins till the football starts, gotta have a shower, pack my bag and the get down there! Then when i get back.. bed time for me as i’m doing the 4.30am show in the morning. I’m glad you all like the new pictures!! There will be more on the way soon.. every other day they should be updated now. For those of you who haven’t got there vids up yet.. don’t worry, there on there way.. a new vid will be put up with every picture set!! Right.. i predict 2-0 to us tonight.. Drogba to score first!!!! Wooohhhhooooo!!!!! We now start at 5.30am and finish at 11am so all you lazy so and so’s who get up late.. you should be able to see me. When i get back home after i’v had a little sleep.. i’ll be back on here, and if all goes to plan.. you will all get a reply in the blog… hip hip hoooooooorraaaaaaaaayy!! Finally!! Right I’m off to quickly get ready!! Wish Chelsea luck.. and i’ll see you all in the morning!!!!

Love you all heaps!!!!!!


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brand new pics inside today!! Personal vids for everybody starting to be uploaded too!!!

Hey Everyone!!

Hope your all well!! Had a fun show today.. and you guys kept me entertained with the texts and calls!! Thankyou!! Sorry about the delayed start to the show this morning.. the producers had a meeting so it meant the show started later than normal.

I have had such a busy day today!! I left work at 3.. then did a little bit of shopping on Oxford street. Came home and relaxed for a couple of hours.. then went to the gym and worked really hard!! Picked a bit of food up on my way home.. made myself a tuna salad with boiled eggs (had to ring my mum to ask how to boil an egg.. embarassing!! lol!!) Now i’m just relaxing in bed. My legs are aching me so much though!! Could do with a nice leg massage to stop the aching!!

Shandyman.. glad you like the taster pic and the new pics!! Ye i’v been painting too.. but i managed to not get it all over me!! Lol!! It was a shame you couldn’t watch the show today.. I’m not back in now until Wednesday!! Dragged around by 2 girls.. that doesnt sound like a bad weekend at all!! Ha, ha!!xx

Hey JoJo!! Was good to chat to you today too!! You were good to not give in to my persuasive ways!! Lol!! Shame you had to dash off so quick.. but at least we can have another catch up on wednesday!! I’ll keep you posted on how my weekends going!!xx

Michael.. thats very sweet of you!! Thankyou so much!! Of course you will get a message of your own.. i will do one for everybody who is a V.I.P!!!  Just working my way through them all. They will be going on the site 3 times a week.. so keep your eyes peeled for your babe!!xx

BigKarl!! Cant i still have the hotpants!! They would be perfect!!! Think there is a problem with promorting sites on the daytime. I don’t think it includes mine though as i have no adult content on my tour pages. I am just waiting to confirm that though.. and then i can carry on with my plugging!! Lol!! Thanks for my messages today!!..I though senior willie as you.. ya cheeky thing!! Yep.. pics that are on the flash cards will be on the site too. xx

Ha, ha!! carl28… 10th time!! Lol!! Is it that good?? I don’t watch the videos.. i get a little embarassed!! hee, hee!! You did 3km on the treadmill?? I ran for half an hour.. but didn’t check how far i ran.. was too busy trying get through the 30 mins without collapsing ina heap!! Ha! You’ll get a vid too hunny.. working my way through doing them now.xx

Hey Geoff!! Sorry i had to dash off the phone.. had to read those texts out as i’d made people send them in!!! Was good to have a quick chat though.. and i’m sure we’ll have another catch up wednesday!! Can’t wait for our 3G chat on the 10th too!! I’ll be on here tomorrow.. probably not Sunday though as will be travelling for half of the day.. and then straight out in manchester with the girlies!!xx

Glad you liked the little message Firebird!! Thougth i’d do something a little personal.. you see the sexy stuff all the time on here and thought it’d be a little different! Did you really print out a copy of the message?? Thats so sweet!!!.. The time has flown by!! Lots of kisses to you too hun!! Glad you like the taster picture aswell!! :D xx

Hiya Nath!! Glad you had a good time in Brighton.. i’ll have to check oceana’s out if i go down there!! I’m next on Wednesday 11am till 4pm.. would be good to have a catch up with you if your free!! This week i have been gym most of the time.. trying to stick with my health kick!! I did have a red wine with Emma after work last night though! I went cinema to see Wolverine wednesday night too.. was good!!! Go and see it if you can!!xx

Right.. i’m going to finish off my elderflower champagne that i’m sipping.. then see whats on the telly!! I am going to the gym in the morning for a dance class at 11am till 12pm. Then i’ll probably come home for a bit of luch and i have a few things to do like get a young persons railcard and stuff.. then maybe go back to the gym for Yoga later on. But i’ll be on here at some point tomorrow afternoon!!

Have a good night everybody!! Love ya’s all heaps!!!


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New Set Of Pics Coming Soon, So Get Yourself Inside!!!!… Here’s a taster… and of course this is one of the tame ones!!!! Hee, hee!!

Want to see whats at the bottom of the picture??.. Then get yourselves inside!!!! Hee, hee!!!!xxx

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